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tracking number not found


I would like to know about the status of my order. Already pass days of the post and I can't see where is the order.

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No tracking info (4 replies)

My irder was shipped on Feb 19, and it shows not found. It is now Mar 9, and It still shows as not found. When will it be found, and when will I receive it? I swear every time someone uses this service to ship it gives me hassles.

Is it lost forever? (1 reply)

Hello I have a package that’s over a year old at this point. I know I have been told it’s lost. I was just curious if a lost package can ever be found or is it lost forever? Like is there any chance it could be found and continue its trip in the mail system to the US or since the tracking number is so old of it was ever found it would not scan? Does this question make sense? Thank you for the help. The tracking number I was given is LS330562095CN

Tracking Number AQ131666750CN is not found. Order number is 230205094217189 (0 reply)

Received email that my package was shipped. Tracking shows that the above tracking number is not found. Waht do I do?

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