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Tracking Package number won't work


I orders a package on August 21st, and it told me it would come on the 26th, the seller never marked shipped or provided me with a tracking number at the time, it was 2 weeks, then I opened a claim and he finally marked shipped on August 31st, now it says Shipped on Aug 31st, expected arrival August 26th. It's been 2 weeks, someone help? He said he shipped it to China post but we are both located in Florida..

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Hi Allan,

Don't belive their promise. The delivery time is not decided by them. If they promise five dayes to reach, they should use China EMS to send. When it arrives in USA, it will be handed over to USPS. If they use China Post small packet service, it's impossible to reach in five days.

You should ask the seller for the tracking number. You have right to know this or it's impossible for us to know what kind of service they use to send your package and couldn't track its shippment status. If they refused to tell you, they must have cheated you again.

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