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Tracking says package was delivered, But the package never arrived.


The tracking on my package says it was delivered to my home 2 days ago. I have been home the whole time and it has not been delivered at any time. Is there anything I can do to track down my package?
Tracking #AT094351065CN

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AS810977887CN is my tracking number. It says my package was delivered on mayb17th and it never actually arrived. I wqnt my money back or find my package. Its an ac unit i needed for my grandmother.

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Hi it says you guys delivered my packages on may 29th but i have not received any package at all i am trying to get a refund but i need proof you have not delivered package since it is June 14 & still nothing has arrived .

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A package was sent from my home country to my university in Tianjin. On the tracking app I used it said the package arrived on the 18th of February and failed to be delivered on the 19th. I have tried contacting the delivery guy but no response. I would really like to know where my package is and why it has yet to be delivered when it is already in my city.

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