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Tracking states packages delivered - I didn't receive them.


Hi. The tracking states our parcels have been successfully delivered, but I have not received them. We placed 3 separate orders, my husband and I. I'd like to find out what happened. I have contacted the shipping company 3 times and they are unable to give me an explanation. I've also checked with my local Post Office which the shipping company stated, however since they are not Canada Post tracking numbers, they are unable to search. The tracking numbers are : AQ015227981CN, AQ016196177CN, & AQ015227638CN.

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Hi Nicole Durkee,

AQ015227981CN and AQ015227638CN were delivered on July 3 and AQ016196177CN was delivered on July 6 to Langley,BC V2Y 1K4. If you don't receive them, you need to contact the seller to ask for the new tracking numbers in Canada. Also, the seller can require China Post to do a formal trace investigation.

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Tracking # AG530946555CN, AG809810719CN.
The tracking number states that packages were delivered on 8/7/23, but I have not received them. They are large pieces of furniture so could not easily be lost.
Could you tell me who the courier is for CHINA POST in Australia so I can follow up please.

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AT044996010CN, AT045266581CN, AT053759623CN, AT052277430CN (two more packages for me are still on the way). I would like to receive all of these packages even though the seller has already issued me a credit against my express request due to alleged shipping problems.
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Could you please arrange for all the packages to be delivered to me! After delivery, the seller can take back his refund.
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Thank you very much and kind regards,
Kristof Kuznia

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