Unable to track my parcel sent from South Africa to China -- CN016961522ZA

Asked by Saroj Mahanta | 1/7/2019 2:03:18 AM

I sent my parcel of around 5 kg from South Africa to China on 16th November 2018. Till now i am unable to track my parcel. The receipient who lives in Shenzhen, has not yet got any call or message from China post.
The tracking number is : CN016961522ZA
Please help. Also, if possible please provide your phone number so that the Chinese person who lives in Shenzen will try to contact the postal service in Shenzhen.

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Daisy 1/9/2019 7:24:19 AM

It's at the customs now.It will be delivered to the recepient in Shenzhen after it passes the customs check.

Tracking information:

2019-01-07 10:33
Sent to import customs

2019-01-07 05:23
Leave "Shenzhen Center", Next stop "Shenzhen Center"

2019-01-07 03:01
Arrive at "Shenzhen Center"

2019-01-07 01:49
Leave the "Guangzhou terminal", the next stop "Shenzhen Center"

2019-01-06 09:54
Leave the "Guangzhou terminal", the next stop "Guangzhou"

2019-01-06 08:53
Arrive at "Guangzhou terminal"

2019-01-05 02:11
Leave "Beijing distribution", the next stop "Guangzhou terminal"

2019-01-04 13:57
Arrive at "Beijing distribution"

2019-01-04 12:16
Departure from "Beijing Wangjing", the next Stop "Beijing Post mail distribution processing center"

2019-01-02 17:36
Shipped by airline

2019-01-02 13:28
Arrive at "Beijing Terminal"

2018-12-20 14:06
"Jimc C" has been exported straight seal

2018-12-20 14:06
Leave "Jimc C"

2018-12-19 14:37
"Jimc C" arrives at overseas export Swap Bureau

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