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My tracking is not updating, where is my package? UJ334638285CN

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Hi Marchetta,

It's still in transit in China now.

Number: UJ334638285CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United States
2020-04-27 22:20, Dongguan, planned to deliver air transport
2020-04-26 21:30, Dongguan, delivered to air transport
2020-04-26 21:30, Dongguan, delivered to air transport
2020-04-26 21:18, Dongguan City, to reach the Dongguan International Swap Bureau and Exchange Station
2020-04-26 13:27, Dongguan City, "Dongguan International Swap Bureau and Exchange Station" has been exported directly
2020-04-25 22:21, Dongguan City, leaving the "package express bulk business department back-office support class", the next stop "Dongguan International"
2020-04-25 22:14, Dongguan City, "Parcel Express bulk business department back-office support class" has received
Please provide me with an update for my package LY187850567CN
Hi Marchetta,

There is no update for it at present. It's still in transit now.

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