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"Waiting for airline space".... for a week


Hi there,
I had an item sent from Dongguan on the 1st of August. The seller divided the item into two similar sized and weighted packages to supposedly speed up delivery. The Tracking numbers of the two packages are LZ985701845CN and LZ985701862CN. The strange thing is, ONE of the packages - LZ985701862CN - arrived at my address in Australia on the 16th of August... but the OTHER package (which was posted from the SAME location at the SAME time) is still showing as "Waiting for airline space", which has been the status for over a week now.

it is normal for two packages of the same size, same weight, posted from the same location at the same time, and going to the same delivery address to suddenly be separated by such a large amount?

Also, is it normal for a package to show "Waiting for airline space" for more than a week?

Thanks for your help.

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I'm not sure I will be too helpful as I only have 1 package being delivered and mine has been 'waiting for airline space' for 31 days. Probably means its sat at the bottom of a pile and other things on top keep getting loaded first!!
Hi abraXXious,

It's normal. They are not handed over to the same flight. You'd better wait for more days to get update.

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