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What does handed over to the forwarding agent for transit mean LY499873254CN


What does handed over to the forwarding agent for transit mean LY499873254CN

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Hi Zachlancaster98,

It means it will be handed over to the air transport recently.
LZ388515179CN When will my package arrive in Ireland?
Hi Veronica k,

LZ388515179CN takes about another 20-40 days to reach Ireland to my experience.
I ordered on the 22nd of August!
The last tracking update online was "Handed over to transit agent"(from the 20th ofSeptember!).
When will the package (contents clothes of the value from 50€) finally reach me in Germany?
Please help. Thank you. Or can I get my money back?
Sincerely, Anna
Where is my order right now and is it coming to the UNITED STATES now?
Where is my package
I have two packages
Both “handed over by forwarding agent for transit” and no more information by 36 days! Is it normal?
Hi Valentina,

Packages sent to Italy by EMS are delayed. You need to wait for more days to get them. If you don't want to wait for more days, you can contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution in time.
Hello, my tracking also says “handed over to forwarding agent for transit” and has not changed since 16/12/20. Please can you advise if it has been lost? My tracking is LZ521567634CN.
Been waiting on my package (LY720121695CN)
It’s been 2 months, been trying to be patient, but same issue

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