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What does transit station in transit mean?


What does transit station in transit mean? I'm shipping with ems. The order number is EB765396837CN.

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Hi Lureker,

It was delivered on June 7. If you don't receive it, contact the seller to get a solution as soon as possible.

Number: EB765396837CN
Package status: Delivered (22 Days)
Country: China -> Ireland
2022-06-07 10:08 BRAY D.S.U., CO WICKLOW, We delivered your post
2022-06-07 06:31 BRAY D.S.U., CO WICKLOW, Your post is out for delivery
2022-06-04 16:41 DUBLIN PARCEL HUB, DUBLIN 12, Your delivery has been sorted
2022-06-04 13:37 DUBLIN PARCEL HUB, DUBLIN 12, We have your post in
2022-06-04 13:36 DUBLIN PARCEL HUB, DUBLIN 12, Your delivery was received by An Post in
2022-06-02 13:10 Custom charges have been paid. Your item will be processed and delivered to you as soon as possible. Please hold tight while we work through high volumes.
2022-06-02 12:14 Your item is in Ireland. A customs charge has been applied and details have been sent to you. You can pay the fee on our website, or at your local Post Office.

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