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What has happened to my package



I started getting regularly updates on my package as it made its way through China but since it has been “delivered to carrier transport”, the updates have stopped for 2 days now.

I’m just wondering what does carrier transport mean, (is it a plane?) and how long will it take to reach the UK.


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Hi Bradley,

It's from the transit station to UK now. You'd better wait for more days to see it arrives in UK.

Number: LV235935684CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United Kingdom
2021-09-08 22:30 Transit station in transit
2021-09-08 20:30 The plane entered the port
2021-09-08 04:00 The airline is shipping
2021-09-05 19:53 Airline reception
2021-09-05 16:40 Zhengzhou City, has been delivered to the carrier transport
2021-09-05 14:20 Zhengzhou City, arrived at Zhengzhou International Mail Exchange Station (via)
2021-09-05 00:06 Beijing, leaving the Beijing International Mail Exchange, the next stop of Zhengzhou International Mail Exchange (transit), affected by the outbreak control, mail time limit may be extended
2021-09-03 14:05 Beijing, Beijing International Tianyu Processing Center has been exported straight
2021-09-02 07:46 Beijing, Arrival at Beijing Terminal (via)
2021-09-02 03:51 Langfang City, leaving the Bohai Sea Mail Processing Center in Hebei Province, the next stop of the Beijing Terminal
2021-08-31 19:20 Langfang City, Langfang International Project Department has received

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