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What Happened to My Package?


Hi, what happened with my package RV434041481CN? It has been 84 days and although it has been reaching Canada, it's still never been registered on CanadaPost so there is no way for me to ask CanadaPost regarding whereabouts and what happened to my package since it's not registered on their system and it doesn't come up on its website at all. I have been noticing that every packages from abroad especially from China that arrived in Vancouver has never showed any more information than just "arrived at Vancouver" and it's never even registered on CanadaPost too, there is no more information anymore afterwards. Exactly same thing happened with other package RE071594545CN for example. Please explain. Thx

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Hi Summer,

To my experience, it's waiting customs' clearance now. You'd better wait for more days to see. If there is still no update to the end of the month, contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution as soon as possible.
Where is my package ? Tracking number is AS135403175CN
They said delivered 2022-3-18 16:39:26
But I haven't received. My name Tammy Lee, My address 7624 beckett st. Tujunga. CA 91042 U.S.A
My phone # 213-248-9488
My friend order from Australia to China. Order number is #EX20220301101867104
How can I get my package I haven't received it it's in the USA I live in Canada.

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