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Can someone tell me what happened with my package?


Can someone tell me what happened with my package?
I think my package is still in China, and still didn't arrive to Germany.
I buyed it from Amazon.
Can somebody help me?


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Hi Michael,

Is this what you posted before? It has the same tracking number with you.

This package was collected by China Post on Oct. 26. After domestic transit in China, it left China on Nov. 10 and now is still on the way to Spain. You'd better wait patiently for its arrival. I think it will reach you at the beginning of December.
Hello, that was a mistake of mine!
This is the correct tracking number:
Hi Michael,

RI974034479CN left China on Oct. 9 and still not in Germany now. You'd better wait for another week, if you couldn't receive it, you'd better ask your money back from the seller.

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