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What is your possible option costs to send with tracking to Sweden


What is your possible option costs to send with tracking to Sweden

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Hi bluesman136,

It's based on the weight.

If it's less than 2kg, check the rate here:
If it's over 2kg, check the rate here:

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I am looking for quality fulffilment with ePacket option for light small sport products.
I will have some stock from China and I am looking the same option in USA too.
I will be glad if you can recommend me some options.
How much is the warehouse storage costs?

So, I can connect with you through eBay or Shopify too?

Best regards. Tomas

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Hi dear!

Have someone send to Sweden last mountainbike a package with code tracking LX255777585CN? I havent receive it and it says that my paket leaving to Stockholm in Sweden on the 2017.01.21 at 09:33 by Guangzhou city by (via transfer).

I tried to get on te Swedish post this packade They told me it is not there. Maybe the New year in China is the reason for this package will come late, but I will want to be sure it was send to Zene Ferro Lundgren in Sweden by Guangzhou from China.

Best regards

Zene Ferro Lundgren

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