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I returned an item to the seller. My tracking shows that my item has been on hold in customs for a month now. I was told it is waiting on recipient to declare it but they refuse to call to do so. Is there any way other way to declare the package of recipient is refusing to do so? Its a returned item and they are refusing to refund me my money until the item arrives in their warehouse but they will not call to declare it. I just want my refund.
Recipient info:
Receiver: Sihan Mei
Address: 3rd Floor, Area A, Hongzhi Technology Park, Hongying Road No.2, Fenggang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, 523000, China
USPS tracking number: LH126790224US

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Hi Hbearden,

Only the recipient could declare. According to the tracking information, it's on the way back to the US now.

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