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Where exactly is my package?


The status of my package RV575298958CN has been "arrival at the destination" since July 23th from China and it hasn't gotten any update after that.
According to the company that sold it to me, the delivery date of the package is scheduled for next week, but the package has not yet arrived in my country
So where is my package?
Since you are the carrier your tracking should know the exact place where the package is.

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Hi Alice,

It's in the middle location now. You need to wait for more days to see it arrives in Costa Rica.

Where is my package now? These are the last 6 tracking results. It seems that Singapore Airlines had landed on wet concrete and got stuck forever.
3 Sep 2021 11:11 Arrival at the Destination Singapore airlines
2 Sep 2021 15:26 Flight Departure Singapore airlines
1 Sep 2021 09:52 Arrival at the Destination Singapore airlines
31 Aug 2021 14:53 Flight Departure Singapore airlines
31 Aug 2021 10:02 Flight Departure
24 Aug 2021 22:15 Handed over to the Carrier Guangzhou international mail exchange station, Guangzhou
LV315872223CN My package it’s stopped again from 26/11/20 two month ! Where is it ????????

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