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Where is EA294458566CN? From Nanyang, Henan to Cambridge in UK


Hi, I can not find any update about my shipment EA294458566CN. It was delivered on past November 9th, 2017, from Nanyang Henan to Cambridge city in UK. Can you help me? Many thanks in advance. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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It shows it was delivered by Parcelforce on Nov. 15. Have you got it?

Tracking information:
2017-11-15 11:30 Cambridge Depot, Delivered
2017-11-15 06:51 Cambridge Depot, Out for delivery
2017-11-15 02:27 Cambridge Depot, Prepared for delivery
2017-11-15 02:25 Cambridge Depot, Received at delivery depot
2017-11-14 19:24 National Hub, Sorted
2017-11-13 21:18 International Hub, Released from customs
2017-11-13 21:16 International Hub, Arrived in the UK
2017-11-10 10:53 ZHENGZHOU EMS, Despatched to the UK
2017-11-10 08:16 Delivery Agent - BEIJING - PTT, Prepared for despatch to the UK
2017-11-09 15:18 Delivery Agent - CHINA, Collected
Hi! Yes, EA294458566CN was properly delivered! Thanks for your reply. All good wishes, Camilo

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