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Where is my order - tracking #LS021247557CN


Delivery date keeps changing - keeps saying it is in transit - paid extra for fast shipping - where is it? Is it lost?

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It's on the way to the US now. In recent days there will be further update showing it's in the US. Wait patiently please:

2019-08-16 06:39
Nanjing, leaving Nanjing for Los Angeles

2019-08-14 23:04
Nanjing, has left Nanjing International Cross-Border Center, sent to Nanjing International Cross-Border Center

2019-08-14 17:29
Nanjing, Nanjing International Cross-Border Center received

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Where is my order - tracking #LS021247557CN (1 reply)

Delivery date keeps changing - keeps saying it is in transit - paid extra for fast shipping - where is it? Is it lost?

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The only tracking info I can get through tracking is that it is in transit. What does that mean, it doesn't take over a month to fly from China to the US. It is suppose to be in the hands of USPS yet they can't give me any information on this order. I just want to know where this order is and when I can expect delivery. When I placed the order delivery was 15-20 days.
If this order is not on it's way I want it cancelled.

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Hello again... Spencer Gunter order (#H362W41X301), with Tracking (#UE888651725KG), has gone past the 10 week mark now. Considering that 3 days after the order was placed, I received a conformation that the order was completed, along with the above tracking number, one would think there should be some information available about the order through the tracking system. In view of all the port issues, specifically Shenzhen, Is it possible the order is tied up there ? After 10 weeks, there should be information to verify the status of the order somewhere. Seems to me Spencer Gunter is not doing a very good job of serving their customers. Hope you guys can shed some light on the status of this order. --- Thanks, David R. Bohnke

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