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Where is my package now?


Hi, Can you please help and check my tracking status here is my tracking number EE197998797PH my package still status show from 5 days in transit. Shenyang City, leave (Shenyang Central Aviation Processing Center Package Workshop), next stop (Changchun South Fourth Ring Package Workshop) (via transfer). The processing center is closed.
Shenyang city. Liaoning Province
My processing Center closed from 5 days my delivery address Changchun Jillian but tracking still never again change status what is reason? Please provide me courier contact number or check what is correct status now and how many time take more for delivery? I will hope you will help me soon because I’m very worried about my package

Thanks & Regards

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Hi David,

It was delivered on October 27. The receiver has got it.

Number: EE197998797PH
Package status: Delivered (23 Days)
Country: Philippines -> China
2022-10-27 12:53 Changchun City, Signed, signed by me: I signed for receipt, delivery person: Liu Qi, telephone: 13179272488
2022-10-27 07:50 Changchun City, [Changchun Anqing Road Pick-up Department] arranges delivery, delivery person: Liu Qi, telephone: 13179272488, Pick-up and Investment Department: 15943010109
2022-10-26 10:33 Changchun City, [Changchun Anqing Road Solicitation Department] delivery result feedback - not delivered, remarks (did not contact the recipient, arrange to deliver again), courier: Liu Qi, telephone: 13179272488
2022-10-26 07:21 Changchun City, [Changchun Anqing Road Pick-up Department] arranges delivery, delivery person: Liu Qi, telephone: 13179272488, Pick-up and Investment Department: 15943010109
2022-10-26 06:38 Changchun City, arrive at [Changchun Anqing Road Investment Department]
2022-10-26 04:55 Changchun City, leave [Changchun South Fourth Ring Road Packaging Workshop], next stop [Changchun Anqing Road Investment Department] (transfer)
2022-10-25 16:22 Changchun City, import customs release
2022-10-21 13:44 Changchun City, sent to import customs
2022-10-21 10:38 Changchun City, arrive at 【Changchun South 4th Ring Packaging Workshop】(Transfer)
2022-10-14 16:47 Shenyang City, leave [Shenyang Central Aviation Processing Center Package Workshop], next stop [Changchun South Fourth Ring Packaging Workshop] (transfer)
2022-10-14 12:56 Shenyang City, Arrive at 【Shenyang Central Aviation Processing Center Package Workshop】(Transfer)
2022-10-13 22:58 Beijing, leave [Beijing Aviation Mail Terminal Transportation Workshop], next stop [Shenyang Center Aviation Processing Center Package Workshop] (transfer)
2022-10-13 13:53 Beijing, arrive at [Beijing Wangjing International Exchange Bureau] (via transfer)
2022-10-06 07:53 Manila, leaving the Overseas Export Exchange Bureau (not yet at China Post)
2022-10-06 07:52 Manila, arriving at the Overseas Export Exchange Office
2022-10-04 13:53 Philippines, [Philippines] received
2022-10-27 12:53 China, Item delivered
2022-10-26 10:33 China, Unsuccessful delivery
2022-10-26 07:21 China, Receive item at delivery office
2022-10-25 16:27 China, Enroute to delivery office
2022-10-25 16:22 China, Returned from Customs
2022-10-21 13:44 China, Item for Customs examination
2022-10-13 10:13 China, Receive at country of destination
2022-10-06 07:53 PHILIPPINES, Dispatch item to destination country
2022-10-06 07:52 PHILIPPINES, Receive item at origin country gateway
2022-10-04 13:53 PHILIPPINES, Posting of item

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