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where is my package now


my tracking number is LZ599352534CN
the latest update i got is;
"Beijing, leaving the Beijing International Tianyu Processing Center, the next stop of the Beijing International Mail Exchange Station (transit), due to the control of the epidemic, the time limit for mail delivery was extended"
can you explain where my package is exactly, on a map it appears next to an airport, does this mean it will be leaving china soon? whats the next steps if successful? and can you explain what it means when it says mail delivery time limit extended?
please give me more details, please dont tell me to just check in in next few days, i check it every day all day

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Hi robrichards,

It's stuck at Beijing International Tianzhu Processing Center now. The next station is Beijing International Mail Exchange Station if successful. Due to the control of the epidemic, it's still be stuck for some days.

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