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Wheres my package WI00011477406SH


Can u look up and c if u can tell me where my package from china is at.

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Hi Jessi,
Your package is likely at the ISC (International Sorting Center) in Chicago, awaiting customs review which can take up to a week.

Latest Tracking information:
2017-07-21 18:55:00 Arrive at the destination country for customs check, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA USUSSFOF (ORD is the airport code for Chicago O'Hare.)
I'm due to get it by the 28th of july....
I have ordered 2glass pipes wondering where they are at that have been in one place since the 25th and have not moved .
Hi John Philbrick,

What's the tracking number?
I want to know please where this shipment goes that has more than a week
Code: LY609633806CN
SDQ-309967 Alvaro luis
2250 NW 114TH AVE UNIT 1A
MIAMI, FL 33192-4177

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