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Why has my package been stuck for 12 days?


I had to return clothing to a seller and cannot receive my refund until they receive the package. My tracking number is LH123202471US
It hasn't moved at all in almost 2 weeks and I don't know if that is normal or if I should do something about it.

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Hi KO,

It's retained by the customs now. To my experience, it needs the receiver in China to declare to the customs. You'd better contact the receive to ask if he has received any notice from the customs.

Number: LH123202471US
Package status: In transit
Country: United States -> China
2020-12-30 13:23, Guangzhou City, import customs retained for inspection
2020-12-29 11:17, Guangzhou City, import customs retained for inspection
2020-12-28 14:43, Guangzhou City, sent to the import customs
2020-12-28 10:59, Guangzhou City, leave Guangzhou North Station, next stop Guangzhou International Center (transit)
2020-12-28 10:39, Guangzhou City, to reach Guangzhou North Station (transit)
2020-12-27 06:01, Beijing, leave the "Beijing Post Huangcun Station", the next stop "Guangzhou North Station" (transit)
2020-12-25 18:34, Beijing, arrive at Beijing International Mail Transfer Department (transit)
2020-12-15 18:01, Chicago, Chicago has been exported straight
2020-12-15 12:44, Chicago, Leaving The Foreign Export Swap Bureau (not yet arriving at China Post)
2020-12-15 12:44, Chicago, leave the Chicago Processing Center
2020-12-14 15:22, Chicago, to the Offshore Export Swap Bureau
2020-12-11 14:13, United States, United States has been received

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