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Why is my package still at the airport?


My package was supposed to arrive 2 weeks ago and I have not received any update on where it is or why it’s still at the airport? It arrived at the destination airport 15 days ago. When will I be receiving my package? It’s been in transit for 28 days!
Tracking id: WNBAA0164392383YQ

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Hi Stephlongoria,

It's at USPS Regional Origin Facility now. It should be delivered to you recently. You'd better wait for more days to get it.

Number: WNBAA0164392383YQ
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United States
2021-10-28 02:58 Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facilitytransit
2021-10-28 01:58 Accepted at USPS Regional Facilitytransit
2021-10-13 05:56 Parcel arrives at Airport
2021-10-12 20:09 Parcel is leaving Airport.
2021-10-11 23:54 Parcel departure Transit Facility
2021-10-09 00:41 Parcel departure in Sorting Centre.
2021-10-06 18:38 Parcel received at Sorting Centre.
2021-09-30 15:06 Parcel Data Received
My package says it arrived at destination airport on 25th october. Why is it stuck here? Tracking number is QP742465168GB thanks
Hi there, my parcel has arrived at destination since 24 November which is more than 2 weeks now with no update. Can you please advice? Thank you.
Ems tracking - EB756615551CN

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