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Wo ist mein Paket?



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Hi Maritanasucinska,

It's in transit to the US now. You can not know the exact situation when it's in the middle locations. It usually takes about 20-40 days to have update showing it arrives in the US. Please wait for more days to see.

Number: LN855886771CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United States
2020-05-10 16:38, Shenzhen, arriving at Shenzhen International Exchange Station
2020-05-10 02:32, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Exchange Bureau has been exported directly sealed
2020-05-09 19:55, Shenzhen, leaving Hong Kong Express, next stop ,Shenzhen
2020-05-09 19:23, Shenzhen, "Hong Kong Express" has received

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Seit dem 23.03.2017 steht beim Tracking immer noch "Internationalen Bulk Mail Bearbeitungszentrum in Shenzhen".
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LG Michael

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