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7 days at us secondary sorting center


How long does it take from this info?

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Hi Pamala,

Is your tracking number starting with U? If so, it couldn't be tracked after that.

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The vendor does not respond, and their website hasslehub dot com seems to be gone.
So, I need to find out if
is a real package, and where it is.
It should be a Large, heavy Bed Kit package to me in Laguna Hills, California, USA. Tracking says
"Arrive at US secondary sorting center United States" since 21 Nov 2019. It is now, Dec 30, 2019.
Apparently no departure records from that facility.
Please, how can I find it?
Is it stuck somewhere, or lost, or stolen?
How can I call or contact the "secondary sorting center United States" to check their incoming and outgoing records?
Thank you for help, Gary

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I am trying to figure out how long it is going to take for me to receive my package. I've tracking it. All I can find out is that it has been at the U.S. Secondary sorting center since August 31, 2021. Also I'm unable find away to contact U.S. Secondary sorting center. Any information you are able to provide me with would deeply appreciate. The tracking number on my package is : UU218707523CN. Thank you for your time.

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My parcel US198512175CN has been stuck at an US secondary sorting center since 8/7/2021 what can I do to get it moving again? Seller says I need to just wait

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