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able to collect boxes for postage from home?



I would like to post several boxes from Shanghai to London. Up to 4-5 at once. Would you be able to pick up my boxes to the nearest post office? I am aware that the closest post office is not far from my house. (Huaihai Zhong Rd branch)

Also, how long would it take?



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Hi KJura,

Could you speak Chinese? For accurate answer, you'd better call 11185 which is the service number of China Post to ask if they could pick them up from your place. Or you could ask one of your Chinese friends to dial and ask. Also, you should ask them if the things you plan to send are allowed for them or it may be returned back.
Thank you! BTW they also have good English service! From 11185 then 8!
Really? Do they speak good English?
Ok, no - big confusion -
The English service only applies to air freight.
They can only pick up from your house if you want to send by air. For all sea/ land mail, postage must be done in person at the post office.
Maximum 4 boxes per day. That's what I understood! Good luck!
Thank you for sharing your experience.

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