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Why is my packages being held in Customs?


My (2) Boxes are being held in Customs. The Boxes contain Injection Mold components that are needed to complete the Mold being built. Can the Boxes be cleared and forwarded to the shop that needs them?

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What's the tracking number?

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Tracking Numbers CH074191713US and CH074262352US have been stuck in Shenzhen Customs almost 90 days. I am a teacher from the US. My international school told me to mail packages to them and retrieve them at the school. These two, which contain household and educational items, have been held and I fear they will be destroyed or returned. There is nobody in the US to retrieve them. I do not mind any import Customs or Duties. Can you please help me retrieve my packages? Thank you!!

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Hello! I have 2 packages from the US that show as being held in customs. Would you please tell me what I need to do to receive them? The tracking numbers are Ch118210311US and CH118206498US. Thank you

Why is my packages being held in Customs? (1 reply)

I have (2) Boes of Injection Mold parts that need to move on to the Mold Building shop, why are they being held in Customs.

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