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Airlines Start Shipping.


Hello, my package status has been stuck at airlines start shipping for a week now, the previous status stated which airline it was on, and by checking flight records I can see that the flight landed in Australia. My tracking number is UJ843020392CN, is there anyway to see the status of my package in Australia, and a way to estimate the delivery date?
Thank you.

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Hi kass,

It's still in China now. To my experience, it takes another 20-40 days to reach Australia and there will be update when it arrives in Australia. You'd better wait for more days to get update.

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Hi there,
Can you please tell me where my package is at ? it has been showing "
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My tracking number is: LZ602724198CN
Thank you,

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Can you please advise what is happening with my parcel; LZ599483061CN. It was shipped in January 2021 but it’s been stuck at Airlines Start Shipping since February 10, 2021 and before that, was going back and forth to different provinces in China. This was sent with epacket which is meant to be a quick shipment to Australia. Where is it and when can I expect to receive this?

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Hi daisy, do you know where my package is? 17 Track says “airlines start shipping” 4 times in a row... has it left china? EB740811505CN

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