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AQ113556228CN my parcel says delivered but have not recieved any parcels


My parcels are missing, I can not find them in my town or at the postal office.

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Hi JonVoigt,

In this case, you need to contact the seller to give you a solution as soon as possible.

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Package still not delivered after 3 months (2 replies)

My Name is Zahid, I sent my 6 packages from Embassy of Pakistan Beijing China, Through CHINA POST GROUP on 28/09/2020. My parcels contains clothes and shoes valued about 500 US$, The category of my parcel was surface.
Destination Address was House No 130-C, Street No, 16, G-6/2 Islamabad, Pakistan.
I want to inquire about my parcels as I have still not recieved the parcels at the given address.
The tracking No for my parcels are

Tracking parcels (1 reply)

Dear whom it may concern,

I wanna know where my parcels are,
one is CT613455713CN
the other is CT613455761CN.

one is stated 'DELIVERED' which is not true. I haven't recieved any piece of it.
and the other is 'IN TRANSIT'.
both of them were supposed to be arrived last week.

+ SENDER have sent 4 parcels to 2 address each.
I haven't got any, but rest of 2 parcels, sent to different address in Korea, are delivered perfectly.

So I desperately need to know where they are now!
Thank you for your cooperation :)

Addressee hasn't recieved parcel I sent (1 reply)

Hello I sent a parcel From Ghana to China to this address on the 28th August, 2017

Mr.Zheng(Zhihua li)
106th Huashan road, Zhongyuan district, Zhengzhou city, Henan province,China

Tracking no. RG011889446GH

But up till now the person hasn't recieved the parcel. I want to find out the problem why the parcel hasn't been delivered.
And if it's delivered can you please give me the delivery information or details as to who recieved the parcel? Thank you

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