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Package still not delivered after 3 months


My Name is Zahid, I sent my 6 packages from Embassy of Pakistan Beijing China, Through CHINA POST GROUP on 28/09/2020. My parcels contains clothes and shoes valued about 500 US$, The category of my parcel was surface.
Destination Address was House No 130-C, Street No, 16, G-6/2 Islamabad, Pakistan.
I want to inquire about my parcels as I have still not recieved the parcels at the given address.
The tracking No for my parcels are

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Hi Zahid,

China Post doesn't provide full tracking information for it. You couldn't get update after October. If you couldn't receive them in time, you need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution as soon as possible.
What is the hold up on everyones packages? Why does it take so long to get to its destination? What is the process for shipping? How many times does one package need to be inspected?
The time frame in which packages are ordered, sent and delivered is so ludicrous, so scandalous and so frustratingly angrivating. Not to mention a few other choice detrimental emotions all of these consumers feel. To purchase an item, pay for said item, wait for said item, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait for it, it arrives just to find out it is not what was even ordered? Then to be stuck with wrong said item because it costs too much to send it back! Can't get refund unless it's sent back and if you do send it back they say they didn't receive it so still no refund. Yet in the site from which said item was ordered it says 100% satisfaction guaranteed, refunds no questions asked! Why don't these merchants have to live up to their own policies? What if anything is being done to correct these issues?
I for one am appalled on how so many consumers globally are being ripped off! It's just so wrong!

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