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Package back to being stuck in GZ???


After waiting for 4 months, I was finally told my package was being returned. Now, my package is on “Delivered to carrier” in GZ all over again. Am I going to have to wait 4 more months for an update? Tracking number is RN783270206GB

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My package LZ786015936CN has been stuck as “ Shanghai, Arrival at Shanghai International Mail Exchange (via)” since April 13 after being bounced between several regional sorting centres back to back. It was supposed to be here by the 27th at the latest but instead it’s been back and forth around China since the 8th and now is stuck in Shanghai. I contacted the seller and they said they can’t do anything. Is it lost? What do I do? It’s a $70 package.

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My package was shipped in march 2020 but due to pandemic it got stuck so my supplier asked the package back but it isn’t moving since 2 months in tashkurgan county, Xinjiang province and package is valuable so please please return my package back

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