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Book Depository package


I'm looking for a package of books from Book Depository. They said it should've arrived by now but don't know where to begin looking and thought I'd start here. Thanks for any assistance you may provide.

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Hi Esther Liddell,

Do you have the tracking number for the package? Or it's hard to help you check.
There's no tracking numbers on these orders but I heard from the college that there are 2 packages for me at the foreign department office so I think they've been found.

Thank you,

I've written previously with Daisy replying to me. I've received only 3 books out of 16 books so far. The first 2 books were dropped off at the foreign department of 人文科技学院 which is not far from where I live with no one giving me a phone call. The 3rd book was dropped off at the 人文科技学院前门 but I received a phone call to let me know they'd leave it there. I'm expecting 13 more books from Book Depository. My English and Chinese names are as they appear in the username above along with my phone number: Esther Liddell 李恩惠 15197871375. There are no tracking number for these packages but I've been instructed to contact the "sorting office" and you're the only company I could think of to check with. Please be on the look out for a big, heavy package with my name and phone number. I'd appreciate a phone call if they arrive.

Thank you for your help,
Esther Liddell 李恩惠 15197871375
Hi Esther Liddell,

Could you speak Chinese? If you can, you'd better call China Post service number 11183 to check where is your package now. This is not China Post official website. Here is the place to help you track your package if you have the tracking number. So, you'd better try to contact China Post to reflect your problem.
Could anyone do me a favor? I bought one book from the Book Depository. And till now, I haven't got my package. And there is no tracking number for me. I want to know which postal service does BD use to ship packages from the UK to mainland China.
Hi HeatherZhong,

If it's already shipped, there should be a tracking number. You need to contact the seller to ask for the tracking number.
Can somebody help me please, my book supposed to be here by last week But it’s still not here. I wanted to ask if my address was written in English in my order, can China Postal Office delivery it to the right destination ? (I also put the name of my university and the post code too)
Here is what I wrote:
Jiangning District, Longmian Avenue, no.639
China Pharmaceutical University (中国药科大学-江宁区)

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