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BuyLogic Parcel not delivered


The BuyLogic parcel to Canada is stuck in "The item has been received in the destination post office CA, Canada" since June 22, 2020. When I contacted Canada Post, they said they don't have that tracking info as it is from a third party

BuyLogic Tracking No. BLGEU1100635781YQ
Who can help here?

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Hi jr2715,

You'd better contact the seller to reflect the problem if it couldn't be delivered in time.

Number: BLGEU1100635781YQ
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> Canada
2020-06-22 12:12, CA, The item has been received in the destination post office
2020-06-20 12:19, CA, The consignment has arrived in the country of destination
2020-06-19 11:37, CA, The item is on transport to the country of destination
2020-06-17 11:20, CN, Order departure
2020-06-17 10:13, CN, Order under processing in Buylogic
2020-06-15 13:22, CN, Order received in Buylogic
2020-06-12 15:20, CN, Order generated
Dear sir madam

When my parcel will be shipped and how long it’s take until arriving at my post office?
This is the tracking number:

The same question. Where is my item?! On your website it is at my post office from July 26. At my post office they know nothing as well as my seller!
What to do?! Give my item to me!!!!
I past the date of refund for wish. I understand that it’s pandemic and I am really nice to wait. The parcel is stuck. I don’t know where to contact the buyer from wish. Carrier is from buylogic and my number is BLGSL1117369557YQ. Please help.
Hi Jochelle,

It's not normal that it's still not delivered. If you don't know how to contact the seller, open a dispute on Wish to get your money back.
I have the same issue. Contacting the seller simply ends with him saying that there could be a delay from the courier. How could it stay in the "Destination Airport" for a month? Either there is an issue with their custom declaration or their parcel contained something that the customs feel suspicious. Either that, or the status was inaccurate.

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