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by sea - shipping services (non-air)


The product (which will be made in China) that I am planning to sell on-line is a bit big (50cm x 50cm x 20cm) with 5.5kg.
If this is sent by air, this is too expensive, so I am looking for sea-transportation door to door O2O service.
1. Do you provide them?
2. How much does it cost per kg by country?
3. Is it trackable (even if it's sea delivery?)
Please let me know if you provide this service and the details.

Kind regards,


3 Answer(s)

Will you sell it in China? In which city do you live?
The product is manufactured in Jangzhou, but will be delivered to mainly North America and EU countries. We don't know the countries exactly, because we will be launching soon. However, we want to know the serivice and cost info so we can provide it to our customers online.
You'd better find a reliable international express agency to deliver them for you. They usually could offer you a cheap price than that China Post office offers. But I'm afraid in Jangzhou, there is no good express agency to do that. Most of them are in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. I used before. You can contact them online to ask the price.

BTW, do you have people in Jiangzhou helping you to deal with the packages? You should have one to do that for you.

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