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Can I use every China Post office for SAL, Surface or Air Parcel?



I want to send a Suitcase via SAL, Surface or Air Parcel from Nanjing to Germany. Can I use every China Post office in Nangjing for these methods?
Furthermore, is it enough to put some foil around the suitcase or how should I prepare my suitcase?

Thank you in advance!

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You'd better go to one of the largest post offices to send it. Small ones don't offer international package mailing service.

I'm afraid foil is not allowed to put in the suitcase. What's the size of the suitcase?
Can you tell me how to prepare the suitcase or can I just send the suitcase without any paper around it?

The suitcase ist about 160cm.
160cm is the greatest dimension? To Germany, greatest dimension should be less than 1.5 meters and the length + width should be less than 3 meters.

You'd better don't pack your suitcase and do anything to it as the postman will open and check it before they receive it.
I think I misunderstood the greatest dimension. The Suitcase is in total (length + width) less than 3 meters.
But what does greatest dimension mean?
Greatest dimension means the length should be less than 1.5 meters.

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