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Can you help me find my package


Dear Friend
I'm waiting for a package sent through you more than a month ago.
Can you help me find it?
and When my package will arrive?
the package is from cina to isarel
Roni Treves

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Ho Roni,

These two are sent by ePacket service. In most cases to Israel, it takes no more than 15 working days.

LX209987578CN sent out on Nov. 9 and it should be in Israel around Nov. 24.
LX202595991CN sent out on Nov. 1, it should be in your country if there is no delay. As there is no further update in tracking system, it may be delayed on the way.

I'll inform you here once they are in your country.
LX209987578CN has been in Dec. 8. It will be delivered by Israel Post.

Latest tracking result:
2016-12-08 00:00 --The item was received from China Peoples Rep. on 08/12/2016
You shipped my item to the uk and it’s been delivered to someone else,can you find out why please
Tracking number:
Hi nannajenny68,

The sender may fill the wrong address for your package or gave you a wrong tracking number. You'd better contact the sender to check the reason.
I cant find my package its last update was dec 4th its been in transit for 16 days
The Tracking on my item that i ordered on 28th May has NOT been updated since 03/June!
= LZ129099596CN
Your site claims out for despatch on 05/June
The arrival date has changed & been pushed back YET STILL Same 03/June as last Tracking update! Suspect my item forgotten about & lying yo one side in some huge sorting office somewhere
I appreciate covid delays & complications but no update is concerning
Can you please update me & my Tracking via e bay
With respect this is not my first time of enquiring
& your ‘review’ form will not let me leave my review
Reading the other reviews also raises concern

Thanks & Best regards

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