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Can't track anymore


I got an email with a tracking number and it was in the system a week ago but now it's not. Ly826203081cn Any reason for this?

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Hi Dennis,

The seller shipped it on July 15. Here is the tracking information available:

Number: LY826203081CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United States
2021-07-16 15:45 Taiyuan City, leave Taiyuan International Mail Processing Center, next stop Shanxi International Mail Exchange Station
2021-07-16 14:32 Taiyuan City, Taiyuan International Mail Processing Center has been exported straight
2021-07-15 18:21 Taiyuan City, leave Taiyuan City Delivery Division International Marketing Center, next stop Taiyuan City
2021-07-15 17:11 Taiyuan City, Taiyuan City Delivery Division International Marketing Center has received the delivery
Seller using China Post to show USA that PRC’s mail is developing country and unable to be honorable. My track LY888818261CN shows delivered BUT if I’m here, where is it? China should be more proud of their progress that to allow BAD businesses to scam then blame on PRC China Post

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