China Post: 86 10 11185 EMS: 86 10 11183

China Post Packing Tracking / USPS - stuck with USPS - over 48 days total.


China Post Tracking Number is : AT057889779CN
Stuck In Transit for a Total of over 48 days. With a Non-Delivery, at Local level from USPS.
No effective updates from either China Post and no information from USPS except that this
Package is with USPS at the Local level and has been since 11/19/2023. Package has NOT been
Delivered to the Buyer's Shipping Address NOR has an attempt been made to
do so from the USPS Local Carrier which Tracking shows is in possession of this Package.

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How can i sent to usps post office message because there in have my package became to be long time same place stay i see still now why he dosen't transit..!!

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My package is at post office near me. Address is one number off. It shows 210 but it's 2310, wasn't my error using auto filled. I've talked to post office of my situation ND only solution is I need USPS tracking number. Can't contact seller because no response from my email. No phone number. Using senders tracking app. It's here near me at my post office still processing it says. All I have is senders tracking number KTZ940431313CN and my order per USPS,insisted they need USPS tracking number in orders to have it delivered to me.

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I placed and order on 5/10/2020. On 5/14 it was forwarded to the airline and I haven't had and update since, when should I expect my package? Here are the details according to AfterShip:
Tracking Number: LY231324055CN China Post IN TRANSIT
May 14 2020 02:59 pm: Forwarded to the airline transportation CHINA-POST
May 12 2020 12:10 pm: We have been exported straight seal CHINA-POST
May 12 2020 12:10 pm: Processed Through Facility USPS SHANGHAI EMS, CHINA
May 12 2020 12:10 pm: Origin Post is Preparing Shipment USPS
May 11 2020 07:30 am: Processed Through Facility USPS SHANGHAI, CHINA, China
May 10 2020 11:18 pm: Acceptance USPS CHINA, China
May 05 2020 11:04 am: Info Received, Shipment created CHINA-POST

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