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Cost for Shipping 30 KG From Shenzhen To Israel


I want to ship a Car key's from Shenzhen To Israel and I don't know the weight of box exactly but it's between 30 kg to 40kg!
So If it's 30 KG which way is the cheapest to ship by China Post ??? by Ship in sea or in the air??
and if I want to ship the 30KG or 40Kg for a many of package like 5kg*6 package =30KG, how much cost for 5KG or 2KG or 10KG for every one package from China to Israel??
and IF it's 40 KG or more I can ship it by Sea Freight ?or if you know another way ? and where I can meet a agent for buy CBM ??
Thank you

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Hi Adam,

The maximum weight limit for a package from China to Israel is 20kg. By Ship is the chapest way to deliver it. You can divide your item into several packages with each no more than 20kg to send. For one package with 20kg by ship, it needs about 450 Chinese Yuan. But by ship is very slow. It may takes two months.

What is CBM?
Thank you for respond
So as I understand for Surface for every 5KG it cost 100RMB and for every 1KG it cost 20RMB
so it for Surface from 1KG to 5KG cost 100RMB, true ??
I want to make the 40Kg a 8 Package's like 5KG * 8 Package's (100RB) = 800RMB , true ??
there is a Tracking number for Surface ???
and how much cost 5KG , it's 225RMB??
and 2KG, it's 225 RMB?
and how much time for shipping??
Thank you

The way to calculate is:

For the first 1kg, it costs about 113 RMB. For each additional 1kg, it needs about 17 RMB. I got this online. You'd better ask China Post by calling 11183 to make sure. If you want English service, press 8 when you hear someone speaking.

Of course there is a tracking number for Surface package. About two months are needed for shipping.
Thank you dear
For Surface Air Lift (SAL) How much cost for 2KG or 5Kg ??
For Surface How much cost 2KG or 5KG? 2KG is 130RMB??
Does the package come to my Post office in my city??
Thank you
Israel Post can carry Box more than 3KG to 20KG from Sea or Air Port to my Post office Address?
SAL is not available to Israel.

For Surface 2KG, you can only use China Post small parcket air service which is 260 RMB.
For Surface 5KG, Surface is about 190 RMB.

Israel Post will deliver the packages to your address.
Thank you ..
Want to ask by Air how much time to ship to Israel ??
By air also how much cost Package
2KG ??
and what is the maximum weight to ship by air ??
Thank you
Please How I can Calculate the Air shipping Post from China to Israel?
By air, if it's less than 2kg, you should use China post small packet service. If it's over 2kg, you should use large package service.

Small packet (up to 2kg):
Up to 100 g, it needs 16 RMB. Every additional100 g, 12 RMB.

Large package (over 2kg and less than 20kg):
Up to 1kg, 192.2 RMB. Every additional1 kg, 95.8 RMB.
what you advice me for ship a Box 20kg ??
for air shipping to israel it's 2012.4 RMB for 20 KG!!
so expensive more than express shipping!!
by china air post there is insurance to the order's ??
by air or surface the order can know where is it by tracking number after get out from China??
Is there any worry for lose the delivery and if we lose it , what China Post do??
because the seller told me you will not have any refund if you choose to ship by China post because maybe it will be lost!
Yes, by ship it couldn't be tracked. Also, you could get no compensation if it get lost. Via air is a more safe way. There is insurance to the order's and it can be tracked.
Yes by Air shipping it's more good but I need to pay 2012 RMB like 300$ for ship 20KG to Israel by China Post!
why it's expensive ??
and for DHL express I will pay 6$ for 1KG , but sure I will pay another 100$ in Israel for shipping !
What to do??
You'd better call China Post customer service number 11183 to ask for the price in detail. Press 8 for English service.
I tried to call many time, I'm outside china, I called this number 0086 10 1118 5
All the time a girl speak in Chinese and no English and I tried to enter 8 nothing happened!!
For surface shipping
I can add Rate for Special Services for a surface shipping , like I can pay for Registration Charge and for Insurance Charge??
How much cost for both of them specially Registration Charge??
How much cost by Surface from China to Israel
10KG: about 160 RMB
20KG: about 430 RMB

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