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Daisy please help


My package tracking no is

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Hi Meymel,

It has been stuck at the customs since June 24. I suggest you wait for another 15 days to see if it could be released.

Number: CP308134868MY
Package status: In transit
Country: Malaysia -> China
2020-06-24 10:42, Tianjin, Import Customs Remain pending inspection
2020-06-23 08:55, Tianjin, sent to import customs
2020-06-22 13:53, Tianjin, leave the Tianjin Mail Processing Center, the next stop ,Tianjin International Exchange Bureau(
2020-06-22 10:25, Tianjin, arrived at the Tianjin Mail Processing Center (via transfer)
2020-06-21 20:07, Guangzhou City, leave the Guangzhou Aviation Center, the next stop "Tianjin Mail Processing Center" (via transfer)
2020-06-21 14:21, Guangzhou City, arrived at the Guangzhou Aviation Center (via transfer)
2020-06-18 23:51, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur exported straight
2020-06-18 23:42, Kuala Lumpur, departure from The Overseas Export Swap Bureau (not yet arrived at China Post)
2020-06-18 23:42, Kuala Lumpur, Leaving Kuala Lumpur Processing Centre
2020-06-18 21:30, Kuala Lumpur, Arrival At The Offshore Export Swap Bureau
2020-06-03 14:14, Malaysia, Malaysia, Received
It’s been 16days in customs. Is there anything else i can do other than wait another 15days? I really need my package to be realeased. It’s my friend birthday present and it’s coming SOON.
Hi Meymel,

You'd better let your friend contact Tianjin customs to check it.
Daisy, Can i have the Tianjin Customs contact number?
Hi Meymel,

It's 022-12360 or 022-84201114
Can you help me call Tianjin customs and ask about my parcel?
Because my receiver can’t speak in chinese and no one to help.
Urgently needed help
Hi Meymel,

You'd better let your friend ask a Chinese friend for help. We couldn't make the call for you. They need to provide some information that we will not know.
Can you tell me how long before the airline delivers this package to usps?
Thank you
Can you tell me where my parcel is LZ575457416CN many thanks
Hi Alan,

It didn't pass the check and was returned back for many times. It's still in Shenyang now. You need to track it in the following days to see if it's normal. If it's returned back again or you couldn't receive it in time, you need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and give you a solution.
Please can you update me about my parcel RV540864618CN
Hi Hashir,

According to the latest tracking information, it was back to Shanghai City where the seller is located now on Feb.16. You couldn't get it. Don't wait for more days. You need to contact the seller to give you a solution (refund you or send it again to you) as soon as possible.
Hi, I need confirmation on the current whereabouts of an order for an inexpensive keyring from aliexpress. The tracking number is UW695870479CN and it shows on a 3rd party tracking app that it is currently in Anaheim in the USA.. I've had many items superciliously rerouted by auspost because I am a political prisoner in Australia, I suffer daily abuses from gassing to poisoning and theft and fraud.

It would be worth checking into it, thanks.
Hi Rigngag,

UW695870479CN is in Sydney now:

Number: UW695870479CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> Australia
2021-04-06 11:42 Sydney, arrive at the place of arrival
2021-03-14 12:08 The airline departs
2021-03-13 14:36 Airlines receive it
2021-03-13 05:46 Shanghai, has been delivered to the carrier transport
2021-03-13 05:46 Shanghai, has been delivered to the carrier transport
2021-03-13 01:12 Shanghai, Arrival at Shanghai Exchange Station (via)
2021-03-12 21:00 Jinhua City, Leave Yiwu International Processing Center, Next Stop Shanghai Exchange Station
2021-03-12 09:02 Jinhua City, Yiwu International Processing Center has been exported straight
2021-03-12 08:47 Jinhua City, Yiwu International Processing Center has been exported straight
2021-03-11 20:54 Jinhua City, Arriving at Jinhua Jindong Processing Center
2021-03-11 20:23 Jinhua City, leave Jinhua International Small Package Collection and Delivery Center, next stop Yiwu International
2021-03-11 16:20 Jinhua City, Jinhua International Small Package Collection and Delivery Center has been received and sent
Can you please advise why there is a delay on my package being delivered? The number is SF6043362552178. I think it is now in the UK, but hasn't moved for over a week. Thanks. Jeff

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