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Delivered to wrong address


why did my package get delivered to Louisiana, when I live in Nevada? Says "successfully delivered to Springfield, LA. I live is Las vegas. Glad it was delivered, but missed me by a few thousand miles. Please review and tell me how we can fix this

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Hi trschroeder,

You'd better contact the seller to confirm if he gave you the right tracking number and filled the right address for you.
Follow up to Daisy's response:
Thats a wonderful idea, and obviously i thought of that. But, there is no way of contacting the seller, without some assistance from ChinaPost, and their customer service only speaks Mandarin.
Seller, im pretty sure, filled out the incorrect address, since it was delivered to wrong place. My question is, how do I fix this and how and who am I supposed to contact to get this resolved. (Please dont just respond with "seller").
I am reaching out to your QA section, since im guessing you have better resources than I do, regarding this
If you couldn't contact the seller successfully. Could you open a dispute to get refund? The seller may gave you a wrong tracking number. The right one may hasn't reached. You'd better wait for more days to see if you could receive it.
So i send a package to my friend who work in royal carribean cruise ship, so i send it to the Royal Carribean office in miami. But then it say that the addressee is moved. So how can i make change of the address? Or at less to make the package not to send back to me since i've been waiting for 30days, and i think it's such a waste if i have to wait for 30days again to get my package back. Help me, what should i do? :'((
How come in tracking it says my package is in transit to Canada but then is delivered to some place in Australia? I live in Canada.
Hi Tshaps,

You need to contact the seller to ask if the tracking number is right. The seller may give you a tracking number of another customer. If the number is right, he may filled the address by mistake. You need to let the seller give you a solution if you couldn't receive it at last.
I have a package coming from China post too. And it says it’s out for delivery in Warner Robins, Georgia and I live in lake Elsinore California. But it says transit for 37 days. And I tried contacting China post but I couldn’t understand because one of the representatives was speaking in Chinese and it hung up. I want my package, who else can I Contact?

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