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Did not receive


Lost package what company took my package then AG171798436CN

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I did not receive the shipment so who receive my shipment (1 reply)

AS018316460CN this is my shipment with your carrier and I did not receive the shipment can you explain me why because I did not receive it even though the delivery was completed so who receive my shipment please

where can receive pick this parcel? (1 reply)

where i can the receive pick this parcel that has been not deliver or receive since 24 June 2017?

Help me correct this tracking and delivery, my parcel said completed and voted but still could not receive this parcel. when i called the post the said is 100 KM from my place yet they refused to tell me exactly place so that i can pick it up. this is very bad and not acceptable by me.

How can I receive my order? (1 reply)

Hi Sir/Madam,
I am interested to receive my order with the tracking number: RV347073613CN.
The shipping is canceled and there is no explanation on that. I would really want to receive my order which I have paid and I would be grateful if it could be possible for you to track the current status and proceed with shipment to the destination.
Thank you in advance,

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