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Did not receive


Lost package what company took my package then AG171798436CN

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Hi LxDeadlykinv,

It was delivered to British Columbia Kelowna V1X 5S3 on August 21. If you don't get it, you need to contact the seller to ask for the new tracking number in Canada. Then, use the number to check with Canada Post. If the seller doesn't reply you, try to contact your bank or visa company to ask for a charge back. Or, open a dispute from the platform you buy it to get refund in time.

Number: AG171798436CN
Package status: Delivered
Country: China -> Canada
2023-08-21 21:05 British Columbia Kelowna V1X 5S3, delivered【CA British Columbia】
2023-08-21 17:51 British Columbia Kelowna V1X 5S3, CA British Columbia
2023-08-20 23:04 Kelowna, Express Arrival at the Delivery Point [CA British Columbia Kelowna]
2023-08-20 05:49 Kelowna, Destination Transfer [Kelowna]
2023-08-19 04:25 Kelowna, CA British Columbia Kelowna
2023-08-17 01:20 British Columbia, CA British Columbia
2023-08-14 22:46 British Columbia, Destination Transfer
2023-08-13 01:02 British Columbia, CA British Columbia
2023-08-11 03:23 YTO DISTRIBUTION CENTER, CA British Columbia
2023-08-09 00:58 YTO DISTRIBUTION CENTER, CA British Columbia
2023-08-07 01:58 CA, destination country customs clearance completed【CA】
2023-08-05 02:20 YTO International Airport, 【YTO International Airport】
2023-08-02 22:04 HK International Airport, 【HK International Airport】
2023-08-01 07:59 Hong Kong, export customs clearance completed【Hong Kong】
2023-07-30 01:58 Hong Kong, Express Leaving Processing Center【Hong Kong】
2023-07-27 19:08 Hong Kong, Express Arrival Processing Center【Hong Kong】
2023-07-25 17:45 Dongguan City, Express Departure Processing Center【Dongguan City】
2023-07-25 17:36 Dongguan City, the mail left [Dongguan International Company Direct International Business Department], is being sent to [Guangshang Center]
2023-07-25 17:33 Dongguan City, the mail has been sorted and ready to be sent out after sorting [Dongguan International Company Direct International Sales Department].
2023-07-25 17:26 Dongguan City, Express Arrival Processing Center【Dongguan City】
2023-07-25 17:19 Dongguan City, China Post has received mail
2023-07-25 17:19 Customer handover

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