Did the China Post airline vanish over the sea???

Asked by Chethozah Project | 6/1/2020 8:35:11 PM

Did the China Post airline vanish over the sea??? I have some packages LN855919245CN, LN855918871CN, LN852885159CN, LN850992835CN, LN851307273CN, LN850987314CN, LN851206779CN, LN852801627CN, LY159965436CN and EX216533745SG AliExpress tracking says they where accepted by the airline and have left origin country but has not arrived in the USA. Did the airplane crash into the sea??? The US customs search gave me zero results telling me that the airplane that departed China has not arrived in the USA. I never lost so many packages before! I usually loose 1 package in transit during a whole year not 10 packages in just 2 months. This is a major setback for me because I really needed these items.

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Daisy 6/3/2020 6:03:56 AM

Hi Chethozah Project,

LN852885159CN was delivered to your mailbox on June 1.
LN850992835CN is in the US now. USPS is processing it. It will be delivered to you in recent days.

Others are still in transit to the US and havn't arrives. They are delayed due to some reason. You need to wait for more days to see they arrive in the US.

Chethozah Project 6/15/2020 6:30:06 PM

2 packages stuck at Shenzhen International Exchange Station. LN855919245CN and LN855918871CN When I entered in the 2 tracking numbers on Postal Ninja, both sat they arrived at the Shenzhen International Exchange Station on May 9th but no further movement since. Did they loose my 2 packages?

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