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Do I have to send a box?



I need to send my clothes back to New Zealand ( I worked here in China for a year) I am not going to be able to take all of my personal belongings on the plane - so I want to mail it back to New Zealand. Can I put it in a travel bag/ suitcase? Or does it have to be in a box? I can wrap the suitcase if need be.



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You can have your clothes and other personal belongings in a bog box or in waterproof bag.

I suggest you buy a vacuum pump to vacuumize then into a vacuum compressed bag in order to reduce its volume. Or it's easy to exceed the maximum colume. It also could help to resist corrosion, damp and dust.

But I'm afaid China Post needs to check your items and then you can vacuumize. They couldn't do this for you. You could find many kinds of easy vacuum pumps sold online. You could ask one of your Chinese friends to buy one.
This is just to report back about the suggestion from Steven about putting stuff in a vacuum bag - THEY DO NOT ALLOW it !! I went into all the trouble of getting the bags and a pump since I thought that was a GREAT idea. When I got to the post office in Zhangjiagang they said they do not allow it since the bag will break and then the box will break ???? So if this is something that they are supposed to allow - then this Post Office do not know about it !! I may want to send another box - SO if this is common practice that is allowed can you please send me information I can show them next time to say that IT IS ALLOWED???

Hi Annette,

Steven is not our people. He is just a common user to visit our site like you. What China post office people told you is reasonable. It may break the box if the bog is broken.

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