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Shipping box to Japan


I’d like to know which China post I should go to ship my box to Japan from Fuzhou, China. My box is about 10kg. I found an article and said 10kg cost about $35, is it correct? Is there any size limitation? Or can we send suitcase as well?
It is kind of emergency, so sooner response would be appreciated.

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There are many post offices in Fuzhou City, where are you live now.

10kg cost about $35 is right. It the cost by ship way. If you send by SAL or air, it needs more.

Greatest dimension should be less than 1.5 meters and the length + width should be less than 3 meters;
Thank you for your answer.
I’m living north in Fuzhou. Probably the one at near by Doumen station is the closest but it’s “Fuzhou Post Expree Delivery” and didn’t say “China Post”. Is this office able to handle international shipping? Or do I have to go specific one?

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