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DOUBTS About a Tracking number


Hello ChinaPost,
I'm with a quick question about something that I ordered.
I bought a drone on wish, and i got a weird tracking number:
i'm worried that the seller did not send what i ordered, is there a way to know the size of the package or the weight? for me to believe that he is a good seller?

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Hi Vinicius,

Sorry the size and the weight of the package couldn't be known through the tracking number. From the tracking number, it's sent by using China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus which is a cheap service of China Post. China Post doesn't provide tracking service for it after it moves for some stations in China. It usually takes a long time to reach. You'd better contact the seller to ask the estimated delivery date and if you couldn't get it before the day, contact the seller as soon as possible to give you a solution.

Here is the tracking information available:

2019-04-27 11:53
Logistics orders have been created (WISH Mail platform)

2019-04-27 11:47
Logistics orders have been created
Thanks for the answer Margarida,
But, this kind of shipment alloud you to send a drone like that? it's not a small packet, it's with a suitcase and everything, product of 130USD, I mean, this kind of shipment is not for only limited sizes os packages with low cost? or you cand send wharever you want with this China Post Ordinary Packet?
It must have this information : Package weight: 1.4810 kg
Package size (L x W x H): 36.50 x 16.00 x 27.00 cm / 14.37 x 6.3 x 10.63 inches

Is it alloud to send it by this China Post Ordinary Packet?
Yes, the seller can use this way to send it. If it's lost, the seller will not get any compensation and they need to refund you.

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