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EB718882472CN Package has been stuff on "airline departure" for 2 weeks.


EB718882472CN Stuck on airline departure for 2 weeks. Starting to lose hope..

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Hi asmays,

Due to the coronavirus, packages are processed slowly. It should have update showing it arrives in the US recently. Please wait for more days to get update.
As of 6/1 its still showing the same, hasn't moved at all. At this point, shipping by sea might have almost been faster than EMS "Express" shipping. Very poor service
As of 6/3, still no update.
6/5 still no update. Approaching one month since this "express package" was shipped. They claimed it would take 5-7 days. I paid $200 to ship it, and sea freight would have almost been faster.
Tracking still shows no updates as of 6/9. Can someone please tell me where this package is???
Hi asmays0724,

EMS is not as fast as before affected by the coronavirus. It's still in transit to the US and hasn't arrived. You need to contact the selelr to give you compensation as it hasn't arrived in time.
I understand some delays due to corona virus. But this isn't just a delay, this is lost in the mail. It says it departed by air on the 16th, so where on earth is it? A flight from China to the US does not take a month... I have contacted the seller for a refund.
Update, as of 6/15, still nothing.
6/18 still no update. Alibaba denied my refund saying they don’t refund orders unless it’s a quality issue or late shipment.

I STRONGLY urge anyone reading this to use FedEx, UPS, or DHL when shipping express orders from China. It’s only a few $ more than EMS and a million times more reliable.

As of 6/29 still no update. Can someone please provide me with an update on this.
Hi asmays0724,

Still no update. If you don't want to wait for more days, you can contact the seller to give you a solution. Example, ask for some compensation as it's not as fast as before.
I was curious related what happens to your shipping

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