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Where are the first 2 Packages how is it still in Transit??? Is it lost?? Its been in transit for 22 days this is too stressfull there is definitely something wrong please inform me about it I need the packages before next week thursday!!

And the third package EV953217281CN it says inspected/presented by customs does that mean that i have to pay customs duty???? The price of the product is only $20 i tought that you didnt pay customs/taxes if the value was that low? and how long will it take for the examination to be done.

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Hi Jone,

EV952671099CN is still in transit and hasn't been arrived.

EV954344180CN is in Belgium waiting for customs inspection now.
Number: EV954344180CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> Belgium
2021-01-26 09:43 Brussels, overseas import customs retained for inspection

EV953217281CN is stuck in stuck by the customs now. If you need to pay customs duty, the customs should notice you to do so.
it been almost 6mo. since I ordered my chair My number is in there system an says in transit but I cant not find out any other information the # UY244191953CZ should I keep waiting or just get my money back Im thinking covid may have something to do with it can you find out anything about my order for me.
Thank for your help cause I would like to know something, an by the way I did write the co. an never heard a word so if you can help I would greatly appreciate it
Thanks again Linda have a great day

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