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EMS package freight cost


Dear Sir/Madam,
My name Zaenal Arifin from Jakarta, Indonesia. I would like to know EMS cost for delivery package from china to Indonesia
Ship from: 205, Bldg. A, Changshui Industrial Park, 5th Economic Community, Jiahe Wanggang, Baiyun Dist., Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (Mainland) to Jakarta, Indonesia
wheight 5 kg, dimenion 40x40x10 cm
How many days will take
Please advise me rate for 3 kg as well
Thank you for your help
email: [email protected]
Phone: +62 85697001919

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EMS is very expensive. 5kg package from Guangzhou to Indonesia needs about 600 RMB. 3kg package needs about 400RMB.

Average arrival time is 2 - 15 days. In most cases, it could reach within 3 days.

Just for your reference. You'd better go to China Post office to require again.
Dear David,

Is it same between RMB and CNY (China Yuan).Please advise How much USD of 600 RMB?
Since I have no information about China Post Office would you please inform me the Phone number and email ?
Do you have any experience in post of package from china to Indonesia or to other country, if yes please advise the prosedur of shipping it and what are doucuments related of the shipping process. Appreciate your reply..
Yes, RMB is CNY. 600 RMB equals to about 90USD.

Are you in China now? The telepone number for China Post is 11185. For English service, press 8 after dialing the number.

If you want to send package from China to Indonesia, you need to go to the nearest large post office in your city. If you want to use air to send, you can call 11185 to let China Post to pick up the package at your door. You need to know the detailed address of the recipient and contact way. Also you need to fill in your address in China and phone number correctly in case the package will be returned.
No. I'm in Indonesia. I'm about to ship package from Guangzhou to Jakarta. Actually I dont have any relative or friends in Guangzhou, I buy the package from vendor there. Im trying to find the lowest cost of freight now. Could I contact the china post from Indonesia directly? I want to ask the cost of freight. I thought EMS is part of China post or EMS is under China Post? because indoneisa there is department which specialiaze to ship package to oversease namely EMS (Express Mail Service), is it different with EMS in China?

Could I ask someone to find out the cost of freight of China post? Appreciate your information David.

You'd better let the vendor help to send. It's hard for you to deliver package from Guangzhou to Jakarta in Indonesia. You can contact China EMS by calling +86 10 11183 in Indonesia. EMS is part of China post. If you use EMS in China, the package will be handed over to Indonesia EMS to deliver when it arrives Indonesia.

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