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EMS slow service


When it should be? When my customer can get the package???

EMS deserve to make it fast. I know the situation of virus but this takes too long.

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Hi Rhmuay,

It's delayed due to the coronavirus situation in Korea and China. You can only wait now.
apparently their warehouses are full, and their means of transport (planes, boats in some cases) are very, very limited. so ems are absolutely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of parcels they need to ship out, and do not know exactly how to deal properly with it. it is outrageous how slow this supposed "fast" service actually is. if you are lucky you might receive your parcels within a 3 month time-frame. so was i told... no joke
I'm still waiting on a parcel 51 days now !!! Any idea when il recieve it EA478053333CN
Hi Nicky,

It should be reached in early or middle August. Please wait for more days to get update.

I have this package ship out on end of September, and there is no update since October 6th nor does it show any progress... can you look into this?
Can you please check this tracking and update me please and also check this EB741475075CN
Hi Jack,

EMS is slow to the US now. It was handed over to the carrier transport on March 30 and usually takes about 20-40 days to have update showing it arrives in the USA after it was handed over to the carrier transport. You'd better wait for more days to get update. If there is no update in two months, you need to contact the seller to get a solution as soon as possible.
Why do my packages keep going back and forth between processing and being handed over to carrier?
EB747084991CN im still dont received my irder!!!!
Hi Olga suhodolova,

It's in Italy now. Poste Italiane will deliver it to you recently.

Number: EB747084991CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> Italy
2021-07-08 13:41 International Exchange Center Milan Gateway Poste Italiane, Work in progress at the International Exchange Center
2021-07-08 13:41 Milano Gateway Poste Italiane, In transit at the SDA Operations Center
2021-06-19 04:55 China International Exchange Center, departed from the International Exchange Center
2021-06-19 02:46 China International Exchange Center, Work in progress at the International Exchange Center
2021-06-18 09:09 China Post Office, Post Office pick-up
My package was exported on 18th June 2021 and still no update
How come my package went from China to Venezuela to Qatar? It’s supposed to come to the U.S and it’s been 2 weeks! Anyone know why it’s taking so long? EB748600192CN
Can u tell me when this package will arrive in my country? It takes so long. Thank you
How long this package will arrive at my country? It takes so long. Please check it. Thank you
Where is this exactly? Tracking EV736975649CN says departed arrived departed arrived???? How may times this flight going? Is it in USA?
Where is this exactly? Tracking EV736975649CN says departed arrived departed arrived???? How may times this flight going? Is it in USA?
Hi my tracking number is LV229658219CN. The tracking said that my order have been returned for 2 times? I do not know why? Could younplease help for checking?

Can help me check my parcel? EA653249649CN
EV996262402CN where is my parcel?? It should be here, it's not moving anywhere
The shipment of My parcel is quite slow too,it has been 33 days from I put parcel into post office,and this parcel still stuck in Montréal now.I guess they sent my parcel to Mars.It's UR422636126CA.
Tracking number
Gabby's Dollhouse house ordered October 2021. I checked tracking number quite a few times and I checked again on
12-31-2021 said it was out for delivery no package has been delivered still waiting.
What carrier would this package be delivered through when received in the UNITED STATES?
My package appears to be stuck could you tell me what the problem is my tracking number is EB759530722CN

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