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ePacket/EUB Shipping Cost


I just have a question, because I order a lot of stuff from China and just need to be clear about the postal prices.

Sending a ePacket to Denmark is
25 RMB for the package?
And 0.06 RMB/gram up to 2000g?

So let's say I send a package that's 1850g it's 25 RMB + (1850*0.06) = 136 RMB
I just want to make sure that I understand correctly :)

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Hi Rasmus,

Yes, the way you calculate it is right.

I dont see the shipping rates for epacket to Puerto Rico? I but a lot of products and i need to establish a shipping rate to my products.

Thank you
I also would like to clear up a question. If I ship out from China to Australia is the 19 CNY for the first 50Grams and then 0.060CNY for the 1 gram thereafter?

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